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Foz do Iguaçu is known to be a very hot city, but it is not always so. Cold waves sometimes come to town, and make the temperature vary from day to day.

Summer is typically with days of sunshine and blue sky, but on some days the heat gets to be exhausting, and there is a muffled feeling that is only surpassed with plenty of water and air conditioning (especially for sleep), the month of January is the hottest of the year.

In the winter, there is very cold mornings and evenings, but mostly station, afternoon usually mild, as well as a few days to more stringent rain, July being the coldest month. Between the late winter and early spring are warm and cloudy days, characteristic of western Paraná.

Spring is quite green, with sunny days and Brigadier sky, pleasant temperatures, and although there are rainy days, are followed by pretty blue days. And autumn is characterized by warm weather and plenty of sunshine.

Rainfall season

Winters are usually gray, with humid days. Records indicate that the period when there is incidence of stronger rains usually the months of October, December, January and February (being October the rainiest among all), when there are days of intense heat followed by storms with rain and strong winds. (Access the record rainfall and temperatures.)

On days with heavy rainfall, the main tours are not recommended to be performed, since it can not take full advantage of the appeal. However, rainy days do not usually happen in sequence, so a rainy day is usually followed by a milder day.

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